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  • A training course, as we intend it, is a way to learn things in a different way to formal courses or school and essentially to experience some kind of transformation, a change, to discover something new.
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  • INCA was born from the will of some young people to contribute to the process of social change of the reality closer to them trough culture and arts
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  • Training is a deep and serious matter. That is exactly why, in order to make it work properly, we take it in a cheerful, light and amusing way.
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  • Participants can renew and discover something innovative about themselves, something they did not know before.
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  • Here is the charm of this multi-faceted and passes on knowledge at the same time, someone who creates micro universes where both participants and trainer grow and discover new competences with shared emotions
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  • The first moments of work, for instance, are crucial to establish a good link.

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Training e-manual on Theatre, Video and Creativity in International Trainings.
Project funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.
INCA Tool Kit 2.0