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April 2013
Ribadavia – Spain

OMIX Ribadavia in collaboration with PiNA, Pink Sweater, INCA Italy and EUYA prepared an international training course Electronic Arts for 25 people between 21st April and 28th April 2013 in Spain – Ourense and Ribadavia.
Electronic Arts is a concept that involves all those artistic disciplines which use technology as a creative device, source of inspiration or method to create works of art. The creative fusion between audio and video revolutionizes the audiovisual field: from theatre to cinema, from concerts to television, etc… creating a new and strong concept: “performance”. Like any other artistic and creative manifestation, the aim is to convey a message, to induce feelings and involve the audience in the creative event.



Electronic arts 2013 – Final event from MMC Pina on Vimeo.

This video represents the final production from Vj-ing and audio live performances and promotes the idea that artistic expression and the use of new audiovisual technologies can be a good way to rise social participation, a tool to teach values and in general a good resource for youth workers, especially leaders, in their work among youngsters.

Project is organized by OMIX RIBADAVIA with the support of youth in action programme