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Tools to Explore European Citizenship – TEEC project

14-22 July 2013 | Bristol, United Kingdom

The project equipped participants to work in intercultural environments and how to use theatre arts (ex. physical theatre, image theatre etc.) in different contexts. Participant countries: UK, Lithuania, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria and TurkeyParticipants benefitted from the participation in the training course with the support and guidance from our creative team. INCA support the development of workshops in which the young artists can develop their own individual artistic practice.
Topic/Theme of the project:
- European Citizenship: Rights, Immigration Law, Genders, Bureaucracy.
- European principles and perceptions about democracy, inclusion.
- Borders.
- Feeling European or not European (cultural, geographical, social etc.).
- What does it mean to be European?
- Invention and convention for political and economical reasons.
- How to get citizenship in different countries.
- Diversity in terms of national citizenship / European.
- I want to get European Citizenship. How?
- Man coming from an invented country.
Methodology & Working Methods:
The methodogical approach of the training course was based on Non-Formal Education. The working methods was based on Physical Theatre, Invisible and Forum Theatre, Clown.