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Play Ground Life

Play!ground Life- a 9 days-project with 7 days of intensive work together. About 6-8 hours daily program in relaxed and beautiful atmosphere of Funkhaus Grünau. We work with theatre, music and stilts walk dealing with the topic of Life changes, beginning and ending of chapters in life as a part of everyone’s up growth. Young people living in Germany and Lithuania will have exchange and create a site- specific theatre performance based on dreams, strategies and moves.
Leaving-behind familiar atmospheres, breaking up to new situations and challenges. Life as a playground of possibilities. Play!ground Life

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The project is addressed to young people between 18-27 years, with or without theatrical experience in the transitional period of their life or between school, training, university and apprenticeship. Project language is English, motivated and active participants are welcome  !

Working methods:
Physical theatre, scene and text writing, individual text-based performance creation, vocal and instrumental music sessions, stilts workshop, discussions, individual, partner and group work. Peer-to-peer- training.

30th June 2013
6pm at Funkhaus Grünau

PlayGroundLife Trailer from Hr Engerling on Vimeo.