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The “ImmigrAZIONE” project is designed to promote the integration, tolerance and solidarity among young people, through art and non-formal education. By formal education, we mean a non-institutional reflection platform which enables participants to acquire new knowledge and new skills through an open debate on a given topic. The Exchange will take place over 9 days in Lausanne (Switzerland), at the end of the month of August 2014 and will involve 30 young people aged 20-25 (and 26 and 30 years for some of them) from Switzerland and Italy.
This project, as its name suggests, consists of the words ‘immigration’ and ‘action’ (in Italian). We would like to give young people the opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences related to the central theme of the project which is the immigration while creating a space of action that will have as a aims to sensitize participants to the social integration and multicultural openness. In a society where freedom of movement allowed the mobility of people from one country to another, strong is clear that social and economic insecurity create hostility towards foreigners in several European countries including Switzerland which nevertheless becomes increasingly multi-ethnic. We would like to reflect on the mechanisms that lead to racism and social exclusion, through art, culture and non-formal education.