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Migianel-Lab – Next workshops in Italy

October Workshops
General information and application

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Migianel-LaB is a project by INCA Italia and Azienda Agricola Semi Bradi with the intention of combining the passion for the earth, healthy eating with residential art workshops . The laboratories want to be a unique experience of training within a reality that aims to eco-sustainability, self-sufficiency, survival of peasant culture and believes that an innovative and participatory approach to art and creativity is the key to face the challenges of contemporary times.

Participants will have the opportunity to be hosted for four days immersed in a natural setting and taste the food products made by Semi Bradi Farm.
The participation fees includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner of products made locally.

The main objectives of the workshops are:
- To develop innovative  training
- To promote a new way of dealing with the rurality
- To provide technical  and artistic training
- To develop innovative way of training and inter-exchange good practices of sustainable development
- To encourage the creation of a space for interaction and exchange between people close to the world of theater and Multimedia arts
- To create new artistic connections and  collaborations

The workshops are based on practical work.
At the end of the workshop there will be presentations by the public as a result of work done to provide additional learning opportunities for participants.


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