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Creative Space Strategies

International training course

Youth and public space
Creative space strategies as an innovative tool in youthwork

Strausberg, Berlin – Germany 15th to 26th of October 2014

The project responds to the need of young people to gain visibility in public space and, by this means, to increase their influence and impact in the formation of public opinion and in the sphere of the political discourse.
Young people and youth workers from different programme and partner countries are invited to discuss, rethink and put in action the relationship between youth and public space and the chances of youth to participate in political, social and cultural processes in their respective countries. On the basis of our particular experiences with this topic we can investigate existing space strategies as they exist in different cultural fields like city planning, architecture, arts, creative activism, urban interventions in their legal and illegal manifestations etc. and transform them into strong tools and methods of efficient youth work capable of creating new opportunities and new spaces for motivation, activation and participation of young people in different countries and in the process of formation of a democratic European identity.

What will we do during the 11 days of the course?

The participants will report on the availability of public space for the demands of young people in their countries and about their own practices and activities. This will give us a survey of the role of young people in the actual cultural and political situation of different European regions.

We will hear experts who are involved in the topic: political actors, scientific actors, cultural and educational practitioners.
We will try to draft a clear image of the needs of young people concerning the use of public space, of the official offers provided by society and of the opportunities to occupy and use public spaces for the genuine demands of young people.
We will visit locations in Berlin where this occupation – in a legal or illegal action form – has already taken place and see the results.
We will try – in experimental form – to develop ideas and practical methods to transform different spaces of the “Andere Welt” – area in Strausberg into action and communication spaces for young people using the artistic infrastructure of the workshops that are located on the area.
In the end we will design a plan for future network cooperation for the conceptual development and practical use of the topic in an international context.
And last but not least, in order to keep the complex and challenging programme running
inspirationally and smoothly we will have parties, barbecues, campfire, movie nights, clubbing in Berlin and a vital and exhilarating communication.

The project is funded by ERASMUS+ and organized by FUSION-Intercultural Projects Berlin e.V. and Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V.


3 participants from ITALY, that are preferably dealing with urban space and youth work in a wider field.
Travel costs covered up to the amount defined in the new erasmus+ guideline

How to apply

Fill the Motivation Letter
and send it to


Feel free to forward this email to anyone you believe might be interested