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More about us

Who we are

INCA is a network of international organizations working in the field of arts and in the socio-educational sector.

What we do

Our work is developed along three lines of action:
1 – Basic training
2 – Intervention (performances and realization of methodological cultural project coordination)
3 – Support (start up / development)
Our specializations are:
- theatre – multimedia – art and culture – animation and informal education – education for local development
The services that we offer are the following:
- training course – theatrical laboratories – artistic-cultural  laboratories – theatrical shows -realization of festivals and events – intercultural exchanges – initiatives for young people – contact seminars- street animation – practical trainings – job-shadowing – visits of study – seminars and lectures – Networking

Why we do it

Our objective is to contribute to give young people with real experience a positive role in a world that changes with new and increasing forms of poverty and exclusion.

All these organizations develop their activities around two main points:
- the organization and management of meetings and trainings targeting young people, aimed at widening and deepening the tools of intercultural communication in their possession (training courses, theatrical workshops, art activities, multimedia, etc.)
- the reflection upon the integrated social-economic development, the cultural ransom, the struggle to fight exclusion, and the defense of human dignity.

Where we do it

Currently (2014) the Inca network includes associations Inca Italy (Benevento/Rome), Inca Spain (Barcelona), Inca UK (London), Inca Lithuania (Kaunas) , Inca Switzerland (Zurich) and Orma Fluents that share the same Statute and partners in Portugal, France, Sweden, Turkey, Malta, Denmark, Latvia, Bulgaria, Norway, Estonia, Morocco, and Argentina.

  • Here is the charm of this multi-faceted and passes on knowledge at the same time, someone who creates micro universes where both participants and trainer grow and discover new competences with shared emotions
    Inca Kit
  • The path of a training, its elements, its agenda, are structured, but they are subject to change and this is feature of its development.
  • The first moments of work, for instance, are crucial to establish a good link.
  • To play this role, the trainer has to develop a series of abilities and competences, but, above all, to be multidisciplinary.
  • Participants can renew and discover something innovative about themselves, something they did not know before.
    Inca Kit
  • Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.
    Mary Lou Cook